3 lost causes for the Chicago Bears for the second half of 2023

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Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers, Jack Sanborn
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1. Can the Chicago Bears linebackers improve in coverage?

Nine weeks into the season it is clear that the Chicago Bears linebackers are not going to be good in coverage. Teams attack them as much as anyone in the secondary not named Tyrique Stevenson. The defense has started to show improvement, but this is still a major issue.

On Sunday, the Bears allowed four catches for 44 yards to Alvin Kamara, one catch for 31 yards to Kendre Miller, then Juwan Johnson had five catches, including a touchdown, while Foster Moreau added a catch for 23 yards.

Last week, Austin Ekeler led the Chargers in receiving while Donald Parham had a touchdown on 43 yards. TJ Hockenson led the Vikings in receiving against them, and Logan Thomas led the Commanders. Do you notice a theme? When they play against Logan Thomas or Juwan Johnson, they can hang, but the good players in these areas expose them.

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TJ Edwards has improved all season, but most of his plays are downhill and blitzing. He is not playing well in coverage. Tremaine Edmunds has been awful, and while Jack Sanborn was not a drop-off in many areas, he also was not an upgrade in coverage. Anytime the Bears face a good tight end or pass-catching running back, you have to look for them to have a big game.