Luke Getsy and his predictable offense need to go

After another week of offensive ineptitude, it's clear what the biggest problem in Chicago is.

Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy
Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

As a senior in high school, I took AP Physics. Unlike other AP classes I had taken, this one was different. For whatever reason, the seniors in AP Physics were paired in class with juniors who were taking regular old physics. The class was taught like a regular old physics class, so when it came time to take the AP exam at the end of the year, we were shocked to find out that we hardly recognized anything on the test.

I was a good student, top five in my class, and I wasn't the only one to take AP Physics. Our valedictorian and salutatorian were also there, and we were all hoping to get college credit by scoring a 3 or better (out of a possible 5) on the test. When the results came back, though, we discovered (unsurprisingly) that none of us had scored over a 2.

What in the name of Sid Luckman does this have to do with the Chicago Bears? It's simple. Justin Fields is being dragged through the mud today after another lackluster performance, but the blame should really be put on the teacher. Luke Getsy needs to go.

My fellow classmates and I had been good students our whole lives. We weren't used to anything less than an A, and we all went on to attend great colleges and universities. So what changed? We weren't taught the material. The class was dumbed down, and we suffered as a result. Kind of like this:

How is Justin Fields supposed to succeed when the defense knows what's coming? On the game-killing interception, the Bears ran the same screen pass for the second play in a row. That doesn't even work on Madden, let alone on your own goal line in a hostile environment.

Justin Fields has been great his entire life.

He was the #2 recruit in the country coming out of high school, trailing only Trevor Lawrence. At Ohio State, he finished third in the 2019 Heisman Trophy race, leading the Buckeyes to the College Football Playoff twice. After falling short against Lawrence and Clemson in the 2019 Fiesta Bowl, Fields destroyed them in the 2020 Sugar Bowl in one of the greatest individual performances I've ever seen, passing for six touchdowns and overcoming a bone-crunching hit that would have felled lesser men.

Justin Fields has never failed. Then he came to the Chicago Bears, a franchise whose greatest passer began his career before World War II began. Take a look at the Bears' all-time offensive leaders, and you would swear the franchise ceased to exist for multiple decades. Justin Jefferson, who entered the league in 2020, has more receiving yards than anyone that has ever put on a Bears uniform. That's ridiculous.

One of the oldest franchises in the league, the Bears have long eschewed the kind of offensive innovation that is required for success in the modern NFL. Every once in a while, the defense is special enough that the Bears can make a run, but most years, having a bottom-10 offense only ensures another losing season.

The Bears can't even claim that defense is this team's identity because that unit, led by Matt Eberflus and Alan Williams, is arguably the worst in the league. They just gave up 437 yards to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and let Baker Mayfield pass for over 300 yards for the first time in almost two years, and amazingly, it felt like progress!

None of that would matter if the offense could pull its weight, but that's just not happening. Luke Getsy is running a predictable, rudimentary offense, and Justin Fields has regressed because of it.

Before you come at me with, "What about Matt Nagy? Fields struggled under him, too!" First of all, Fields was a rookie when he played under Nagy. Second, Nagy's brain broke after the double doink, and he was never the same coach after that. Finally, Nagy replaced Eric Bieniemy as the Chiefs' offensive coordinator this year, and that offense, led by two-time MVP Patrick Mahomes, has scored four touchdowns in two games against the middling defenses of the Lions and Jaguars. Let's not make Matt Nagy out to be some kind of offensive genius.

Fields has two elite attributes. He's an incredible runner, and he throws a great deep ball. Getsy's offense takes none of that into account. Fields never gets to take a shot downfield because everything is near the line of scrimmage. Screen passes don't work if all 11 defenders are pressed up in the box.

Even worse, this clogs up the running lanes for Fields, which is why Bears fans haven't seen any of the dazzling scrambles that were a twice-a-game occurrence last year. The Bears' top three receivers, D.J. Moore, Darnell Mooney, and Chase Claypool, are all dangerous deep threats, yet none of them are being asked to show those talents.

Yes, the offensive line is banged up, and it may not be great even when healthy. I don't care. Under Getsy, Fields has been sacked more than any quarterback in the league, so how much worse can it get? Take the training wheels off and let it fly.

The Bears are 0-2, and they've now lost 12 games in a row dating back to last season. They're well on their way to another awful season, and with the Panthers also looking like hot garbage, they could have two real chances at once again securing the #1 pick, which at this point seems like a lock to be USC quarterback Caleb Williams.

Are Bears fans ready to start from scratch again? I know I'm not, and even if I was, I wouldn't trust Luke Getsy to turn Caleb Williams into a good NFL quarterback. I've been driving the Justin Fields bandwagon since the 2021 NFL Draft, and I'm not taking my foot off the gas now. As long as Luke Getsy is the teacher, Justin Fields is going to keep failing the test, but it's not too late.

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This team will never go anywhere, and Justin Fields will never become the franchise quarterback that Bears fans have longed for, while Luke Getsy is the offensive coordinator. Fields has shown his whole life that he has the talent to be great, but Getsy is actively stunting his growth with a basic, predictable offense that doesn't cater to his strengths. If there's any chance of saving Fields and the Bears' season, Getsy needs to go.