Madden 25 Trailer features former Chicago Bears player in shocking new role

It was mentioned in the past, but does Madden know something about Justin Fields' usage next year?
Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports
Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports / Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Early into this offseason, Steelers running back Jaylen Warren hinted that former Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields would be utilized in the kick return game, given the new kickoff rules established this offseason.

Now, that was possibly said tongue in cheek, but the pure athleticism that Justin Fields brings to the football field is hard to deny. A good portion of his success in Chicago was due to what he did as a rusher, and with the format of the new kickoff rules, it's not as wild of an idea as it sounds.

Former Chicago Bears QB featured as kick returner in Madden 25 trailer

Well, maybe it is that wild of an idea, but in the most recent Madden 25 trailer, EA Sports ran with it.

In the opening kickoff of the trailer, Browns kicker Dustin Hopkins boots the kick to an awaiting Steelers special teams unit. In the next frame, Justin Fields is seen as the far-back returner, setting up Cordarrelle Patterson for what seems to be a kick return reverse.

With the new rules for kickoffs adopted from the XFL (now UFL), this could genuinely be an option for the modern age of kick returners, as the rules open the field for more creativity. This rule was brought in to make kickoffs more of a play people care about. For the last handful of years, the concept of actually returning kicks was dormant. Kickers would boot kicks into the endzone for touchbacks, which made for a dead play in a sense.

Now, this could just be Madden doing some goofy marketing to get fans talking, which clearly worked, but it also opens the idea to possibly being something NFL fans see on Sundays. Maybe it isn't Justin Fields returning the ball, but the idea of more creative playmakers utilized on kick returns is certainly gaining traction.

However, if the Chicago Bears ever have Caleb Williams returning kickoffs, we riot.