3 major differences between Chicago Bears starting QB Tyson Bagent and Justin Fields

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears, Justin Fields, Matt Eberflus
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1. Tyson Bagent was not taking sacks as much as Justin Fields

It is hard to take as many sacks as Justin Fields, but Sam Howell is showing it may be able to get done. However, Tyson Bagent is showing that even a rookie UDFA can avoid sacks better than those two. Right now, he has a 13.3% pressure-to-sack rate, and that comes with a 10% pressure-to-sack rate against the Las Vegas Raiders. That is impressive when you compare it to Justin Fields.

Fields has gone under 10% in his pressure-to-sack rate just two times. Interestingly enough, they both came against the Green Bay Packers. This year, his lowest P2S rate was also against Green Bay, but his rate this year is 22.8%. His lowest this year is 15.4%. This is rough, but last year, his P2S was at 25.1%, so you can say that is an improvement.

Beyond that, Justin Fields invites more pressure as well. He is responsible for 18.1% of the pressure that he faced this year, per PFF. Bagent is at 14.3% for this season. Once again, Fields has shown improvement here because last year, he was at 23.9% of the pressure responsibility. Still, that is not nearly as good as where he needs to be.

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One big issue is that Fields has taken six sacks and has a pressure-to-sack rate of 31.6% in 2.5 seconds or less. Bagent has yet to take a sack when he held the ball for under 2.5 seconds. Some of this is on the line for allowing the pressure, but the big difference here is that Fields holds the ball when quick pressure comes, and Bagent gets rid of it.