3 major injury updates on the Chicago Bears worth following

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When the Chicago Bears take on the Las Vegas Raiders, there will already be plenty to discuss on the injury front. Justin Fields is doubtful, and Matt Eberflus noted that right guard Nate Davis will be out for three or four more weeks.

Still, things get worse than that. The Bears have a few other key injury updates that are worth following this weekend.

3. Will the Chicago Bears have Darnell Wright against the Las Vegas Raiders?

Darnell Wright appears to have a shoulder injury. He was not on the injury report at all last week, but after the Minnesota Vikings loss, he popped up. On Wednesday, it was not a big deal because he was limited. With the other injuries, it was not the most pressing issue. However, on Thursday, he sat out entirely.

Going backwards in the week is almost never a good thing. Perhaps the team wants to give him a day off before letting him go full on Friday. If he is not at least limited on Friday, he will certainly be out. In most cases, when a player goes backwards, he is already trending towards out.

Wright likely gave it a go, and either feels worse today after pushing it, or it did get worse. Considering he is a rookie, the odds of him suiting up get even lower because he needs the practice work. Some veterans can come in after not working all week, but he will not.

If Wright does miss, the question then becomes whether Aviante Collins moves to left tackle and then Lary Borom plays right tackle, or if Borom stays on the left side. In the preseason Collins played the left side and Borom on the right, but of the two Borom was always going to play either side over Collins. With both out there they may shake things up again.