3 major injury updates on the Chicago Bears worth following

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Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears, Roschon Johnson
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2. Roschon Johnson has missed extended time for the Chicago Bears

The concussion for Roschon Johnson is starting to look serious. He suffered his concussion early on Thursday night, and the thought was that it may give him enough time to get back against the Minnesota Vikings. That was not the case, as Johnson did not practice at all.

Still, the concussion rules are getting tougher, and players rarely come back from them in one week. However, now we are onto week two, and he has still not gotten out of the protocol. If Johnson got out on Friday but did not practice all week, it is hard to see them activating him.

Even if they did, it would be for special teams and a snap here and there. They have spent the whole week practicing without him, and considering he is a rookie and Tyson Bagent is a rookie; it would hurt both of them to throw Johnson into the mix without any practice time.

More than that, it is concerning how long this is taking Johnson. You have to seriously be concerned for him at this point as the typical timeline is to get back to practice after a day or two. He is now two full weeks removed and has not been able to get back on the field. Is this a serious issue for his long-term health?