3 major mistakes that Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles is paying for

Ryan Poles has passed on talent far too much and it is catching up to him

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Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool
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1. The Chicago Bears traded too much for Chase Claypool

This is another decision that was compounded by Ryan Poles and his inability to seperate talent from the person. Ryan Poles decided to pass on George Piseparateckens, taking Kyler Gordon instead. Most of the talk after the pick centered around Pickens and his questions off of the field.

Still, the Bears needed a wide receiver, so they took Velus Jones. Jones is a bust, which led to Ryan Poles to trade for Chase Claypool. The Pittsburgh Steelers were dying to get rid of Claypool because they just drafted Pickens and had no use for him. Then, they took Joey Porter Jr. with the pick for Claypool, a cornerback who may be better than Kyler Gordon. The Steelers thank the Bears more Pickens and Porter, while the Bears roll with Gordon and Claypool.

This one is getting worse and worse. Claypool needed an off-season to acclimate to the offense but then missed almost all off-season work due to injuries. Then, he showed up in week one and looked awful. Will he ever learn the offense? Does he practice enough? Remember when he had character problems with the Steelers, and they wanted to ship him out of the locker room? Why did Poles trade for a poor character player in Claypool after being so adamant about passing on Pickens and Carter?

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Claypool was a disaster in week one, Velus Jones was inactive, and Jalen Carter was the best rookie in the NFL. These are all major issues for Ryan Poles that will come up all season long.