10 major questions emerging from Chicago Bears loss to LA Chargers

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Tyrique Stevenson
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9. Are teams going to stop picking on Tyrique Stevenson

Since Jaylon Johnson has returned, it has become quite apparent what teams are doing. They are not looking at Johnson nearly as much, and they are aiming at Tyrique Stevenson. In the last three weeks, the Bears have seen Johnson get targeted 14 times for 47 yards. On the other side, Stevenson has been targeted 34 times and has allowed 198 yards. Stevenson has three touchdowns allowed and no interceptions, while Johnson has two interceptions and a touchdown. There is a bit of a difference here.

Rookies are going to go through it, but this has been a tough stretch for Stevenson. He had his moments against Davante Adams last week but also lost to Jakobi Meyers. This week, the Chargers got Quentin Johnston, Keenan Allen, and Josh Palmer in a good matchup against him. The Chicago Bears need to find a way to help out Tyrique Stevenson a little more. It may put Jaylon Johnson on an island, but he will only embrace the tas with a chance to make more money in a contract year.