10 major questions emerging from Chicago Bears loss to LA Chargers

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Chicago Bears Offseason Workout, Doug Kramer
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7. What is the status of Doug Kramer and Braxton Jones for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears have two decent offensive linemen. Darnell Wright is just a rookie, but he shows promise and Teven Jenkins appears to be a good piece. So, what can the Chicago Bears do in the next month or two to help find pieces around those two? They have two names who can help.

Doug Kramer was hurt to start the season but was active last night. He has hardly been able to get out of the preseason without an injury, but it is his second NFL season, and the Bears are desperate to see any sort of spark. Lucas Patrick killed the second drive of the game with two bad penalties. Why not bench him for Kramer?

Braxton Jones will be back on Sunday, and if not, he will certainly be back the week after due to the IR practice rules. If that is the case, he has to jump right back in over Larry Borom, who has been a disaster since he started. Borom had another ugly game on Sunday against Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa.

Even Ja'Tyre Carter is worth starting over Cody Whitehair at this point. A line featuring Jenkins, Wright, Carter, Jones, and Kramer is at least a shake-up, and this team needs that in the worst way.