10 major questions emerging from Chicago Bears loss to LA Chargers

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Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers, Cole Kmet
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4. Is Cole Kmet back on track for a career year with the Chicago Bears?

Before Justin Fields got hurt, Cole Kmet was having a career year. Then, he hit a funk. He was not on the same page as the rookie UDFA after spending so much time with Justin Fields, and Kmet was his production dip to all-time lows.

After nine yards combined in two games, Kmet broke back out with 79 yards on ten catches. A lot of this comes down to the Chargers being weak in the middle of their defense and also playing so far off because they had such a big lead. Still, some of it comes down to Kmet getting on the same page as the rookie and keeping his strong year going.

Even after that two-game dip, this strong performance has him up to 39.9 yards per game on the season. His career high is under 30 yards. His past career high was 36. It is not the most mind-melting season, but Kmet is getting better once again in 2023, and last night he was the most reliable option.