10 major questions emerging from Chicago Bears loss to LA Chargers

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears, Teven Jenkins
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2. What will the Chicago Bears do with Teven Jenkins?

Teven Jenkins has played his second straight game at right guard. The fact that he has been really good in both games is both a good and bad thing for the Chicago Bears. It is good because they have a good football player. Good football players help teams win games. Still, the question now is what happens when Nate Davis returns in a couple of weeks? He has only played right guard, and he has been solid when he has been healthy this year.

Still, they are asking a lot of Jenkins, and his two games at right guard were better than his two on the left side. It would be nice to find some form of continuity and not have to shift multiple line spots when Davis returns. Has he earned the chance to stay there, and they can ask Davis to switch sides this time around? Or, will they possibly risk his play declining by continuing to shuffle him around, something that happens far too often to the best linemen with the Chicago Bears?