10 major questions emerging from the Chicago Bears loss to the Minnesota Vikings

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Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears, Gervon Dexter Sr.
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1. Where was Gervon Dexter for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears saw their second-round rookie play the best game of his career on Thursday Night Football. The team had extra time off and a chance to show that he was ready to take a step. So, in typical Bears fashion, he saw his snaps reduced in a big way.

Some of this can be explained. First, the Bears were trailing in this game when they played with leads in the others. Gervon Dexter is a pass rusher first and will come in for the rush stuffer Andrew Billings on obvious pass downs. There were not as many obvious pass-downs. Beyond that, Justin Jones was playing well.

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Still, the game was 6-6 nearing halftime, and the team needs to see what Dexter can bring. He has proven well in run defense as well, and the Bears needed to get him deeper into the rotation. If anything, the fluctuation in his playing speaks to Matt Eberflus being in over his head. He is trying to do all of the coaching duties while controlling the defense, and he is not aware of the rotations. They hired Phil Snow to take some of the load away from him, so these issues have to stop.