10 major questions emerging from the Chicago Bears loss to the Minnesota Vikings

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Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears, Eddie Jackson
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7. What is the status of Eddie Jackson in his return for the Chicago Bears?

Eddie Jackson joined Kyler Gordon and Jaylon Johnson in their return to the lineup, but he did not stay long. Jackson only played 14 snaps and was replaced by Elijah Hicks, who played 43 snaps in total. Matt Eberflus said that Jackson had a minor foot issue pop up, and that they wanted to play it safe by limiting him in this game.

He was not too specific and did not mention Jackson along with the other notable injuries when he was noting players who will miss time. So, it does not appear that Jackson will be missing a lot of time. Still, it was disheartening to see. Jackson has dealt with foot issues for a little bit now, and it seems to be taking away from his career.

Will he return, or will he continue to check out of games with an injury? Will the team put him on a pitch count moving forward?