10 major questions emerging from the Chicago Bears loss to the Minnesota Vikings

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Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears, Roschon Johnson
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6. Can the Chicago Bears get Roschon Johnson healthy?

One of the biggest reasons the Chicago Bears signed Roschon Johnson was his pass protection ability. Khalil Herbert showed growth in that area, so the team has not leaned him heavily, but he has earned the role of the pass-protecting back so far this year.

With Herbert and Johnson out, the Bears leaned on D'Onta Foreman and Darrynton Evans. It was not the biggest drop-off in terms of running, but the Bears got into big trouble in pass protection. Brian Flores blitzed the Chicago Bears all game.

They did not have the right protection calls and their running backs were getting rocked in protection. The Bears had Foreman in protection for seven snaps and he had four pressures allowed. That is pretty hard to do.

Foreman has never been known for his pass protection, and Justin Fields gets some blame as well. Still, this was the reason they drafted Johnson. The Bears will not be getting Herbert back for a few weeks. Can they lean on Roschon Johnson against a bad Raiders run defense? Can Roschon Johnson help chip Maxx Crosby better than Foreman did with Danielle Hunter?