10 major questions emerging from the Chicago Bears loss to the Minnesota Vikings

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, Robert Tonyan, Andrew Booth Jr.
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4. Why did the Chicago Bears lean away from their heavier personnel?

As we noted, the Chicago Bears started to lean into the heavier personnel when Chase Claypool went down. Some of it can be tied to that, but the Bears also had leads against the Denver Broncos and Washington Commanders, so they were looking to get heavy and ice the game away. Whatever the reason was, it was working, and the Bears were at their best when they had extra blockers out there.

Then, against the Vikings, they switched. Some of that is getting Tyler Scott involved, while some of that can be tied to the Bears spending a lot of this game from behind. Still, the Bears have to establish an identity and stick with it. With Justin Fields, they should have leaned into the run. Does that stay with Tyson Bagent, who is not as mobile himself?