10 major questions emerging from Chicago Bears loss to New Orleans Saints

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears, Jack Sanborn
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9. Did Jack Sanborn prove the Chicago Bears should have trusted him more?

The Chicago Bears got a little taste into what could have been with Jack Sanborn starting this week. A lot of fans thought he deserved a chance in the MIKE role after he had a strong rookie season. However, the Bears signed Tremaine Edmunds and TJ Edwards, signaling his time on the field would only come in the SAM role.

This is when the Bears are not in nickel, which is not often, so Sanborn saw his snap count go down this year. With Edmunds out, the Bears saw how Sanbor would look in that role. He played well and recorded ten tackles overall. The run defense looked great with Sanborn. The coverage was questionable, but it is not like Edmunds has done well in that area, either.

Edmunds is expected to miss the Thursday Night Football game, so the Chicago Bears will get an extended look at Jack Sanborn. There is not much the team can do now, but the fans can recognize the opportunity cost the team lost.