10 major questions emerging from Chicago Bears loss to New Orleans Saints

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Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints, Cole Kmet, Tyrann Mathieu
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4. Is this the Cole Kmet breakout Chicago Bears have been looking for?

Cole Kmet was on track for the best year of his career before Justin Fields got hurt. After just nine yards in two games, he put up 134 yards in two games since then. That came on 16 catches out of 18 targets, and it came with two touchdowns on top of it. This is one of the best stretches of their career for Kmet, and Sunday may have been one of the best catches and games of his career. He got in sync with the backup quickly and went from no targets to the most trusted asset.

Justin Fields should be back on Thursday, and that should only mean more big things for Kmet, who was becoming the second trusted player behind D.J. Moore for Justin Fields.

Kmet has always been solid, but he lacked that dynamic nature. Showing that on Sunday was huge. At his age, the best was always yet to come, and we are finally seeing exactly what it means. This will be a career year for Cole Kmet; the question now is how good will the season look when we look back on it at the end of the season.