10 major questions emerging from Chicago Bears loss to New Orleans Saints

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Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers, Larry Borom
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2. Why did the Chicago Bears play Larry Borom late in the game?

The Chicago Bears rotated Larry Borom and Braxton Jones in at left tackle against the New Orleans Saints. Jones was in his first game back since week two, so it made sense. However, with the Chicago Bears down seven late, Tyson Bagent was strip-sacked by Carl Granderson. Granderson beat Larry Borom. It brings up the question of why Borom was out there.

It is one thing to split their snaps, but you have to think about the time and place of the situation. The Bears were in a go-to situation, and they should have had their best out there. If that meant giving Jones one less series early to ensure he was around in a close game, then you have to account for that.

The plan makes sense pre-game, but when the game unfolds, you have to adapt. The Chicago Bears struggle the most in this area. Now, on Thursday, it will be a short turnaround for Braxton Jones. Do they continue to ease him in with a split time? Do they think about easing his workload in the second quarter to make sure he plays all of the fourth quarter? The team cannot stick with Borom much longer.