3 major reasons the Chicago Bears will be better with Justin Fields than Tyson Bagent

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
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2. Tyson Bagent avoids sacks for the Chicago Bears but turns it over more 

There is one side to the story between Tyson Bagent and Justin Fields that you have surely seen. Bagent has a 3.4% sack rate, one of the lowest in the NFL. 

Meanwhile, Justin Fields is consistently one of the worst in this area, and he has a 12.9% sack rate this year. So, Fields is taking a sack on nearly four times as many dropbacks as Bagent. 

Fields takes a sack 22.8% of the time when he faces pressure and Bagent takes a sack 9.4% of the time. So, it is not the line playing better, but rather Bagent avoiding sacks. 

While that is great, it does not tell the whole story. Bagent has a 4.2% interception rate. Justin Fields' career-high is 3.7%. Bagent also has three fumbles. 

When facing pressure, Justin Fields averages five yards per attempt, while Bagent is at 3.6 yards per attempt. Fields has a 3.8% turnover-worthy throw rate under pressure, while Bagent is at 6.9%. Still, even in a clean pocket, Fields has a 1% turnover-worthy throw rate, while Bagent is at 6.5%

So, Fields is taking a sack four times more often, and Bagent is throwing the ball into harm's way about six times more often. It is a pick your poison for these two.