3 major what ifs that could derail the Chicago Bears season

The Chicago Bears offfensive line is already falling apart, their receiving corps has questions, and their linebackers were paid a lot and need to justify it.

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2. What if the big money linebackers take time to adjust to the Chicago Bears system?

The Chicago Bears had the most cap space of any team in the NFL this spring. They could go plenty of ways, and many thought that they would build up the trenches. Instead, they chose to do that In the draft, and focused on some big-name linebackers.

They signed TJ Edwards to a bargain, and that gave them the gumption to pay big for Tremaine Edmunds. Together, the duo makes sense, and Matt Eberflus is a former linebacker with a track record of success at the position. His defense revolves around this spot, too, so it was vital.

Still, what if these two struggle in anyway? What if it takes one of them time to adjust? What if Edmunds was so good because the Bills played to his skill set, and he cannot just be flipped into any scheme? It did take Edmunds some time to find his footing in the NFL.

As we noted, the defense revolves around these two. If the pass rush struggles, all eyes will shift to Edmunds and Edwards because they have all of the resources. We are not just expecting these two to be good or average, but rather close to elite. Even if they are just good the defense may not be what Matt Eberflus wants. That is a lot of pressure and a lot of expectations on two pieces to fit on the fly. What if it does not go exactly as the Chicago Bears planned?