Making the case for a quarterback draft in 2024 for the Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears could draft a quarterback early

Talking with a fellow on Twitter made me think how similar this upcoming off-season is for the Chicago Bears under Ryan Poles as it was for Ryan Pace. I love how much support Justin Fields has been getting. My childhood friend, football brother, and draft man, big Keith, has been pounding the table for Justin Fields. You who read my stuff know I am a big Justin Fields fan. But this is a very unique situation for the Chicago Bears.

Well, it's as unique as it can be. As of Dec 21, the Chicago Bears have the first overall draft pick thanks to a trade with the Carolina Panthers. Imagine if the Chicago Bears somehow had the first overall pick and another draft pick in 2020. Do you give Mitch Trubisky a shot after a down 2019 season? Do you build the roster up and make it better for the quarterback?

Many outside of Mike North suggest that you keep Trubisky and draft Chase Young. That would be the argument. Or Andrew Thomas or Willis Jr. Others would suggest that you take Joe Burrow or Tua Tagovailoa. This situation is similar. Sure, Justin Fields is a far superior athlete and a better passer than Trubisky. However, some argue that, too.

I am not calling Justin Fields a bust. He is very talented. But when I begged the football gods for the Bears to draft Fields when they traded up for him, I was expecting the great passing ability he showed in college. It's not that I don't like dual-threat QBs. I love them, but to become elite, you need to either become the best runner ever like Mike Vick or be able to read the field and dice up the defense like Flaaco did in the 4th quarter to the Bears.

The Bears can keep Justin Fields and draft a quarterback. They don't have to draft that player with the first pick. The Bears should stack quarterbacks on the roster until you find one. See, I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I live behind enemy lines. Most Bear fans see the back-to-back HOF quarterbacks from Green Bay, but most don't understand how much the Packers bring in quarterbacks.

They were always bringing in QBs. Don't believe me. Hang on. The Packer's draft history includes the following:
2020: Jordan Love
2015: Brett Hundley
2012: BJ Coleman
2008: Brain Brohm & Matt Flynn
2006: Ingle Martin
2005: Aaron Rodgers
2002: Craig Nall
1999: Aaron Brooks
1998: Matt Hasslebeck
1997: Ron McAda

Oh, I'm not done. In 1994, the Packers training camp QB roster included Brett Favre, Mark Brunell, Ty Detmer, and Kurt Warner. Believe me, In my almost 40 years of life, I have heard it all the time. It isn't very pleasant. The Packers didn't luck into those Hall of Fame quarterbacks. They always find a way to get as many quarterbacks as possible in camp. If they miss on one quarterback, they will bring another in. The Chicago Bears need to do that.

Next. One option for Ryan Poles during the 2024 NFL draft. One option for Ryan Poles during the 2024 NFL draft. dark

I can't tell you if Justin Fields is the answer, and I can't tell you if Caleb Williams would be. But if those two were squaring off, they would both get better. It's how life works. It doesn't have to be Caleb Williams. It could be Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, JJ McCarthy, or whoever.