Many reasons why the Bears should fire Matt Eberflus and replace him with Todd Monken

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
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Despite the Chicago Bears' recent winning ways, this article will include a variety of good and compelling reasons why in the short and long run the Bears should move on from Matt Eberflus after this season and hire Todd Monken as their next head coach. Monken is currently, the offensive coordinator for the Ravens who have the best record in the NFL. Of course, hiring Todd Monken also means the Chicago Bears should keep Justin Fields. Keeping Fields and trading the top pick in the draft is very much a win-win for the Chicago Bears.

There are two decisive reasons among many reasons to put Todd Monken on top of the Bears' list of candidates to replace Matt Eberflus. Let's start with how Todd Monken's vision of a successful offense includes having a mobile athletic QB who can make off-schedule plays. Here is something Monken brings to the table that is unique and could be a game-changer for the Bears.

On every play, he includes an alternative play if the QB has to shift to off-schedule playmaking. This is brilliant and could in itself transform the Bears' offense into a powerhouse. Keep Fields, add another dynamic pass target, and sprinkle in some Monken magic then sit back and watch some great offense. The Bears offense being overseen by Monken, greatly, reduces the risk of keeping Fields and passing on one of the best QBs in the next draft. His addition means the Bears can rest assured trading the first pick in the draft for a king's ransom is their best move.