Many reasons why the Bears should fire Matt Eberflus and replace him with Todd Monken

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
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At present, the Bears may have a C+ 3T in the making in Gervon Dexter. However, no one can say with any certainty that he has all that it takes to become a great 3T. However, there is some pretty good evidence that he can become a very good maybe even great defensive tackle of the standard variety. The Cover 2 defense is a risk management defense. So if this defense is not dominating so that it, consistently, takes an offense out of its comfort zone, it runs a big risk of having a great offense winning more battles than not.

On the other hand, the Chicago Bears have accumulated a lot of talent on defense. Plugging this talent into a defense that is not so reliant on one position and uses a coaching style that is willing to take more risks than your typical Cover 2 coach could very well result in the Bears having as good or a better defense than they now have.

Last but not least, in the brutal world of the NFL it takes real courage to become a champion. Matt Eberflus and his overemphasis on risk management makes me question does he have enough courage to make the gutsy decisions in the moments when a gutsy decision will be the difference between getting to and winning a Super Bowl or not. There are a lot of reasons to question this which is why I say move on from him.