Many reasons why the Bears should fire Matt Eberflus and replace him with Todd Monken

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
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On the subject of Super Bowls, there is this context regarding Matt Eberflus versus Todd Monken. In the modern NFL a team's offense much more often than their defense dictates both great success and continued success that leads to not only winning a Super Bowl but also multiple Super Bowls.

If you look at the history of Super Bowl winners since the rules were changed to favor offense the vast majority of winners either have head coaches from offense or they have one of the best quarterbacks of their time leading them to a Super Bowl victory. Plus there are those that have both. It is not hard to surmise why this has been the case. It takes either a really smart offensive-minded head coach or a very talented quarterback to, consistently and successfully, navigate the many and varied complexities of creating and maintaining a high-quality offense year in and year out.

There is one last piece of business that can benefit the Bears by making Todd Monken their head coach. They need a center and one of the best centers in this draft played on both of Todd Monken’s offenses when the Georgia Bulldogs won two NCAA Championships. He is Sedrick Van Pran. Drafting Van Pran and hiring Monken works really well in fixing the Bears’ problem at center. This way the Bears can add a talented young center who already knows their new offense.


This is some big-time symmetry working for the Bears to start off the 2024 season with a big bang. If the Bears do keep Justin Fields and also hire Todd Monken as their head coach, there is a very good possibility that a lot of entertaining big bangs will be a part of the Bears 2024 season. Happy New Year, everyone.