Many reasons why the Bears should fire Matt Eberflus and replace him with Todd Monken

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Todd Monken's vision of a successful offense has these six fundamental elements. They don't turn it over, are explosive, score touchdowns in the red zone, are good on third down, don't have lost yardage plays, and as mentioned have an athletic quarterback who is very good at making off-schedule plays.

In addition to this vision, Todd Monken has also shown that he is flexible and creative in his play calling. This includes being quite willing to adapt different types of players to his offense. Todd Monken like all football coaches wants to avoid turnovers. However, unlike the Bears' head coach, he does not coach with an over-arching play-not-to-lose style that inhibits taking risks when it feels right to do it or when the situation clearly calls for it.

The case was strong for the Bears to go with Todd Monken before New Year's Eve. It got stronger with additional evidence provided in the Bears' dominating 37-17 win over the Falcons as well as the Ravens' 56-19 annihilation of the Dolphins. On the Bears side against the Falcons, Getsy did something with Fields that Monken has been doing all season with Lamar Jackson. That is throughout the game he used the whole field for Fields to showcase his passing skills. This resulted in what many are calling Justin Fields' best game as a Chicago Bear.

He made a very difficult throw in the snow to DJ Moore in the corner of the end zone. This was only possible because it was delivered with super precision in combination with his exceptional arm strength. Then there was one of Justin’s standard big play runs that because he broke three tackles was not so standard. On this run, at least three times defenders had him in their grasp, and he broke free for a first down. Among many great runs by Fields, this one was special as it felt like the times the magician Houdini would break free with his arms tied behind his back.