Many reasons why the Bears should fire Matt Eberflus and replace him with Todd Monken

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On the Ravens side of New Year’s Eve, in his 16th game together with Todd Monken, Lamar Jackson had maybe his best game in the NFL. He had a perfect QB rating of 158.3. This included throwing for 5 touchdowns of his 18 completions out of 21 attempts. 5 of those completions were 20 or more yards in the air. 2 of these went for TDs and a third was a yard short of a TD. The evidence is quite clear that Lamar Jackson in his first year under Todd Monken's guidance has very much improved his long ball passing skills.

However, during Lamar's 4 years with Greg Roman as his offensive coordinator, he never became good as a long-ball passer. This very likely has to do with Roman's play calling that minimized the longer passes. Does this sound familiar to Bears fans as this is also what Luke Getsy has done to Justin Fields? Admittedly, Lamar was bad at the deep ball, but how can a QB get better unless he is given both good coaching and the opportunity to improve? According to his QB coach, Tee Martin, this season Lamar is more consistent at diagnosing plays and finding the best pass target.

Lamar’s best passing skill is his short game. So imagine what Todd Monken can do with an athletic QB who already is an accurate deep passer. Given the evidence provided by Justin Fields exceptional day against the Falcons, if Todd Monken was dialing up plays for Justin Fields it does not take much imagination to see Monken getting the best out of the Bears QB1. The key to getting the most out of him is to take full advantage of his long-ball skills.