Many reasons why the Bears should fire Matt Eberflus and replace him with Todd Monken

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If the Chicago Bears make this change in head coaches, the world can finally see just how very good Justin can be as a passer. When you imagine Justin Fields being given the supporting cast Jalen Hurts has with the Eagles and also imagine Fields having a coach whose offense is very compatible with his already established QB skills, firing Matt Eberflus to hire Todd Monken makes an enormous amount of sense. It is not at all a stretch to foresee Justin Fields becoming as good or better than both Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts. This is why the Bears must keep Fields and replace Eberflus with Todd Monken.

The evidence is quite clear that Lamar Jackson in his first year under Todd Monken's guidance has very much improved his long-ball passing skills. However, during Lamar's 4 years with Greg Roman as his offensive coordinator, he never became good as a long-ball passer. This very likely has to do with Roman's play calling that minimized the longer passes.

Does this sound familiar to Bears fans as this is also what Luke Getsy has done to Justin Fields? Admittedly, Lamar was bad at the deep ball, but how can a QB get better unless he is given both good coaching and the opportunity to improve? According to his QB coach, Tee Martin, this season Lamar is more consistent at diagnosing plays and finding the best pass target.

Conventional wisdom is often not a good solution for unique circumstances. The Bears having Justin Fields and having the first pick in the draft is quite a unique situation. Yet, conventional wisdom is what is being embraced by most of the Chicago and national media that say draft a QB with the first pick of the 2024 draft.

However, true wisdom says to keep Fields because of his unique gifts and the continued upward growth that has taken place despite the many obstacles to his growth that he has had to endure in his three years in the NFL. I say, give him quality coaching and some talented teammates then watch him walk a path to greatness. Well, in his case he will do a fair amount of running on this path.