Many reasons why the Bears should fire Matt Eberflus and replace him with Todd Monken

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Lamar in his 6th season starts to find himself yet so very many "QB experts" in the media and on social media are convinced Justin Fields cannot get any better even though he has not finished his third season. Of course, this is in contrast to the real QB experts those being former QBs who still believe that Fields can become a quality quarterback. The irony is that while most of the media is voting for the Bears to give up on him these QBs have the opposite opinion. Another knowledgeable group that supports Fields includes several players from opposing defenses who have actually played against Fields.

Then there are his teammates who, obviously, know him the best. They have been, overwhelmingly, in support of their QB1 staying in Chicago. Their enthusiastic support for Fields as a player and a person is, clearly, genuine. This gets us to an old axiom regarding QB controversies, the clubhouse knows best. What is a bit different about this is the QBs competing with the Bears' starter are still in college. Then there is this context. The high-stakes gamble of drafting a QB in the top five picks of the draft has resulted in more failures than success stories.

Here is another important piece of context that needs to be considered when weighing the decision of whether to keep Justin in Chicago or not. This is Lamar Jackson's 6th year in the NFL. Next season will be Justin Fields 4th year in the NFL. So the major growth Lamar has taken in his 6th year is a solid piece of evidence that it is still realistic to expect Justin to improve in all the facets he needs to get better at in order to become a very good quarterback.

Lamar’s success and growth in year 6 are also compelling evidence that both Justin and Lamar have needed better coaching as well as different and better play calling in order for them to make big strides in their growth.