Many reasons why the Bears should fire Matt Eberflus and replace him with Todd Monken

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
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This finally, gets us to the second compelling reason to hire Todd Monken. His offense was the missing link to the Georgia Bulldogs winning not just one but two NCAA Championships. This was also done two years in a row. This is of utmost importance in a Bears search for a new head coach for this reason.

When identifying the best options for head coaches, it is in most cases best to choose one who has been part of a championship team as a player and or as a coach. When hiring an NFL head coach of course you, strongly, prefer that this guy has won a Super Bowl. However, the head coach market is the head coach market, and winning football championships is a monumental task regardless of whether it is in college or the pros.

The reason to choose a candidate with a championship on his resume over others is this. When you live through a championship season as a player or coach, the important elements that led to a championship in the majority of participants become a part of that person's intellectual and emotional DNA. They know the broad strokes and the nuances of what made their team champions from both an intellectual perspective as well as an intuitive one. This knowledge guides them to stay the course even when going through rough waters that try to steer them off course.