Many reasons why the Bears should fire Matt Eberflus and replace him with Todd Monken

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
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Now back to Todd Monken, the Bears are not hiring him unless they make him their head coach. It is obvious that if you want to achieve great success like winning a Super Bowl you have to make some very tough and very shrewd decisions. Hiring Todd Monken as the Bears' next head coach is all of that.

Of course, the best argument to keep Matt Eberflus in Chicago is how well his defense has played in 2023. However, for those who worry that the Bears' defense won't be as good without Eberflus, there is a pretty compelling reason to believe their defense could be as good and maybe get better without Matt Eberflus.

That reason has to do with the most important component of Matt Eberflus's Cover 2 defense. That is the 3 technique, defensive tackle. For this defense to be a truly great dominating defense, it requires a player who is basically the NFL's version of finding a unicorn.

A top-notch 3T needs to be very very strong at the point of attack. He also needs to have exceptional short-area quickness for a 300-pound man so that he can consistently push the QB out of his pocket comfort zone. Last but not least it is, enormously, beneficial if he is also tall so he can make it really hard for a QB to pass the ball over his outstretched hands.