3 massive unknowns for Chicago Bears entering 2023 season

Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
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As the Chicago Bears get ready for the 2023 season there will only be so many changes to the roster. Most of the things that we will be learning now come from coaching and how players fit into the scheme after training camp.

So, what are the biggest questions that the Chicago Bears will see that could make or break their season?

3. What can Chicago Bears get from Chase Claypool?

When you think massive unknown, you think Chase Claypool. Who truly has any idea what will happen to him this season? Claypool broke out as a rookie but has never lived up to anything since then. He has been up and down with the Pittsburgh Steelers and a lot of his production was schemed up.

Speaking of the scheme, Claypool did a poor job of learning the Luke Getsy scheme on the fly, and it caused him to lose playing time. Then, he got hurt. So, physically it is all there, but mentally it seems to be lacking. The Pittsburgh Steelers already decided it was not worth it, and the Chicago Bears may be learning the same.

Still, there are so many ways this could go. He could be a complete dud. Also, the team could see him click with Justin Fields and become the deep threat with massive size who can win jump balls. Then, there is the happy medium.

Chase Claypool could serve a role in the offense, almost like a poor man Deebo Samuel who can handle jet sweeps and screens, but does not do much beyond that. Still, it adds a dynamic ability to the offense, and because attention moves to D.J. Moore and Darnell Mooney, you could see Claypool be more efficient.

Then, there is the debate of his contract. If he plays well, does he price himself out of the Chicago Bears range? Do they trust what they saw, and was the sample big enough? There are so many questions for Chase Claypool that will impact the 2023 season and beyond.