3 massive unknowns for Chicago Bears entering 2023 season

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2. Who will be the Chicago Bears best pass rusher?

Last season the Chicago Bears team leader in sacks was Jaquan Brisker. Needless to say, nobody wants their top pass rusher to be someone who typically lines up so far away from the football. if Brisker leads the team in sacks this season then they have something seriously wrong.

With that in mind, who the heck is going to lead the Chicago Bears in sacks this season? There is a long list of options. Justin Jones is probably the name that most fans want. Still, he did not get that many last season. You can argue that now he has helped to free him up, but the same case can be made that he is no longer the best rusher along the line as well, and others will outproduce him.

So, DeMarcus Walker, and Rasheem Green are the likely veterans while Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens are the most likely rookies to do this. Justin Jones may be the one freeing up sacks for these guys. The Chicago Bears may not be expecting a lot of sacks from Dexter and Pickens this season, but someone has to clean them up.

One dark horse could be Dominique Robinson. He is in year two now and could take a massive step. He also may be one of those guys who could clean up sacks. Playing so much as a rookie has to be a signal that he will be getting snaps in year two as well. Beyond that, he has the athletic traits that bring an upside that no other edge rusher has.

Still, knowing the Chicago Bears it will be Tremaine Edmunds, or someone like that. The fact that we can debate so many potential options should tell you all you need to know about how much of a massive question this is.