3 matchups Chicago Bears must win to beat the Denver Broncos

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The Chicago Bears season is probably already over before it even started. Still, the nightmare could start to turn around with the 0-3 Broncos in town, followed by the Washington Commanders and 0-3 Minnesota Vikings. It has to start with a win in week four against the Broncos, though. If that is going to happen, what do the Chicago Bears need?

3. The Chicago Bears receivers need to beat this bad secondary

The Denver Broncos have one good cornerback. That helps, but the issue is that they have two bad cornerbacks. So, teams can easily avoid Patrick Surtain and immediately attack Damari Mathis and Essang Bassey.

Mathis ranks third in the most yards allowed by a cornerback. Bassey has not been exposed as much, but he is below average in most ranks. It was not just Tyreek Hill and the Dolphins, either.

Terry McLaurin rocked Mathis, and Washington got Logan Thomas matched up on Bassey in the slot. Mathis also was torched by Jakobi Meyers in week one. So, the Chicago Bears have to try to find ways to get D.J. Moore away from Patrick Surtain. If that does not happen, this has to be a game for Chase Claypool and Darnell Mooney.

Neither has done anything, but both missed all of the preseason dealing with varying injuries. Claypool has also had his play questioned, and he will be the one matched up on Mathis more than anyone else. The Broncos see this as a relief week for Mathis, while Claypool has to see this as a make-or-break game. If Claypool does not beat Mathis, they should bench him; it is that big of a matchup for him to win. If Mathis walks away clean, the Broncos probably blew the Chicago Bears out.