3 matchups where Chicago Bears may struggle at LA Chargers, 2 they must dominate

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears, DJ Moore
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Matchup Advantage 1. D.J. Moore has to beat the Chargers secondary

D.J. Moore was able to find success with Tyson Bagent. Some of it comes down to Bagent knowing he is good and throwing it to him any chance he gets. Some of it is because the Raiders cornerbacks were awful. The good news is that the Chargers cornerbacks are not much better, either.

Asante Samuel Jr. has his moments, but he is undersized and can be out-physicaled by receivers like D.J. Moore. Then, there is Michael Davis. Davis is like the Tyrique Stevenson of the Chargers defense because teams consistently target him. Davis is sixth in the NFL in targets allowed and ninth in yards allowed. He also has six penalties, which is tied for the most amongst cornerbacks, and he has allowed five touchdowns, which is tied for the most in the NFL with Stevenson.

Tyson Bagent moved the ball, but there were a lot of check downs. That can beat Brian Hoyer. Justin Herber will score, so Bagent has to push the ball down the field to D.J. Moore.