Matt Eberflus job security questions aren't going away any time soon

The Bears' coach keep finding himself on the wrong offseason listicles.
Chicago Bears Mandatory Minicamp
Chicago Bears Mandatory Minicamp / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Hopefully Matt Eberflus is out on vacation somewhere, far away from the internet. Because if Eberflus is sitting around his house right now, staring at Twitter like all the rest of us, he's probably not super thrilled.

Mid-June in the NFL means it's peak Speculative Listicle szn, and there are few things more juicy than wondering who's about to lose their job. And despite the fact that the Bears finally showed signs of life towards the end of last season, and then made multiple potentially-franchise-changing moves in the offseason, Eberflus is still landing on the wrong lists – like, for instance, CBS Sports' lastest one about coaches on the hot seat. The outlet puts Eberflus pretty high up their list of potential firings, and takes a stab at guessing how high the Bears' bar needs to be set in order for him to keep his job.

Matt Eberflus job security questions aren't going away any time soon

If Chicago wanted to start fresh, this offseason would've been the logical time to do it, before a reset at quarterback with No. 1 draft pick Caleb Williams. But Eberflus' defense finally tightened up to make Chicago competitive late in 2023, and general manager Ryan Poles has finally outfitted him with a quality veteran-supported lineup. Even so, 10 wins in his first two seasons means there will be pressure to finally sniff the playoff race and/or properly shepherd Williams' development, one year after his staff endured in-season turnover.

These are all good points I guess, but aren't we sort of past this already? Like the blurb briefly touches on, if the Bears weren't sold on Eberflus, he would've been fired by now. Unless they take a historically large step back, it's probably his team for the forseeable future. You don't grow that beard if you don't have at least a little job security.