3 Minnesota Vikings players Chicago Bears must account for without Justin Jefferson

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The Chicago Bears are catching a break with Justin Jefferson out of the lineup due to a hamstring injury. While it has many fans thinking that the team can walk away with their second straight victory, it will still be a tough game as the team is currently listed as a 2.5-point underdog to the Minnesota Vikings.

Who are the players on the Vikings that could still give them the edge, even without Justin Jefferson?

3. The Chicago Bears have to make sure Jordan Addison does not impact the game

This is going to be a big week for Jordan Addison. So far, he has been living up to expectations as a first-round pick. He has 19 catches for 249 yards and three touchdowns and is averaging 1.49 yards per route run. However, this week will answer questions of what he can really become.

It is not to take anything away from Addison, but life is easier with Justin Jefferson on the field. He takes away so much coverage, and Addison has feasted on softer looks. Now, the attention will shift to the rookie. Is he ready to take on that role?

Addison is a key player to watch because he is averaging 13.1 yards per reception. His average depth of target is 12.9 yards down the field. He can make splash plays happen relatively quickly and keep flipping the field or putting points on the scoreboard. With Eddie Jackson out, too many splash plays are hurting the team. If he can return, the Chicago Bears should shift their coverage to Addison.

It will force the Vikings to lean more on dinking and dunking and putting together much longer drives. This will increase the potential for error and give the Bears more chances to capitalize.