This top 8 mock draft may be Chicago Bears best case scenario

Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA
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The Chicago Bears traded all the way back from number one overall to number nine, in part because it landed them a big enough package that included wide receiver, D.J. Moore. Another reason is the team felt comfortable with getting one of their top prospects still at the ninth pick.

There is a debate that the Chicago Bears may be best off if a quarterback is there at nine, and they can trade back. At the same time, four quarterbacks going in the top eight would possibly benefit them just as much, pushing a top five non-quarterback in the draft down to them.

Is the following top eight a possibility, and if so, who would the Chicago Bears take?

1. Carolina Panthers: C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State

This pick seems to be down to two, and maybe three players. However, it does seem unlikely Anthony Richardson will be the top pick. The big debate has been about Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud. For this one, we go with Stroud. He has more of the prototypical pocket passer profile that Frank Reich has been associated with. New quarterbacks coach Josh McCown appears to be high on him as well.

2. Houston Texans: Bryce Young, QB, Alabama

This one does not need to take much to explain. The Texans could roll with Anthony Richardson. Considering they have Davis Mills and Case Keenum, they could sit a quarterback for a year to develop. Still, the new coaching staff has no investment in Mills, and he seems likely to be traded. The Texans will take Bryce Young, and if not, they would probably take Stroud because the Panthers took Young.

The real question is what happens with the third pick.