This top 8 mock draft may be Chicago Bears best case scenario

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Chicago Bears, Will Levis
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4. Indianapolis Colts: Will Levis, QB, Kentukcy

Call it a hunch, but something about Chris Ballard says that they will take Will Levis over Anthony Richardson. The big reason may come down to timing. Ballard is on the hottest of hot seats with Jim Irsay at the helm. He is obviously ticked off, and the owner stepped over the GM for a head coach hire as well as quarterback decisions last season.

Irsay is giving Ballard a chance to hit on this pick, but if Ballard even shows a sniff of questions, he is probably gone before that player develops. So, Anthony Richardson cannot come in and be a complete project and lose a job to Gardner Minshew. If he looks awful, Minshew has the Colts back in the top five, and Irsay is steaming after every loss, Ballard will probably get fired, and the Colts may even draft a quarterback again next year.

The quarterback they take has to start next season. Will Levis may be up and down, but he can start next season. In the right scheme, with a run game and questions in the divisions, the Colts can win enough with Levis to keep Ballard breathing. With Richardson, he is in the office preaching patience to Irsay every Monday, and Irsay is getting deja vus of the past few years. That is not what he wants.