Mock Draft of top eight picks in 2024 NFL draft: Who would the Chicago Bears draft?

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With the 2024 NFL draft just a few days away, there is much anticipation about how the top ten will unfold. The Chicago Bears hold the first overall pick in the draft, and then pick again at ninth, which is causing plenty of excitement. 

The suspense around who will go number one overall is gone, which has made the interest in the ninth pick that much stronger. How will the top eight picks unfold, and who will be there at ninth overall?

1. Chicago Bears: Caleb Williams, QB, USC

As noted, this pick has been mailed in for weeks. The Bears have the medicals on Williams, he not only met with the coaches, and staff, he also went out with some of the players already, and the Bears cleared the way for drafting Williams by trading Justin Fields

The team did their homework on all of the top quarterback prospects, but there is a combination of high-end upside and instant ability to make an impact in the NFL that has Williams a tier ahead of any of the other options. 

We know who is going to be the first overall pick, and now Bears fans are shifting their attention to picks two through eight.