Mock Draft of top eight picks in 2024 NFL draft: Who would the Chicago Bears draft?

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2. Washington Commanders: Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU

The Washington Commanders could go one of two ways here, and both ways help the Chicago Bears. First, they could take quarterback Jayden Daniels. Next, they could take quarterback Drake Maye. When you consider that the Bears have already taken their quarterback and want the best non-quarterbacks to fall to them, they do not care which one goes here. Both push the best non-quarterback down to the third overall pick. 

The signs have been pointing to the team taking Jayden Daniels, and that is where we are heading at this point. Daniels has a lot of momentum from coming off of his best season, and his mobility has Washington excited. 

There was a lot of momentum heading toward Daniels, but after the pre-draft meetings, there is a bit more buzz trending toward Drake Maye. At this point, we are sticking with the initial reports that Daniels is viewed highly in NFL circles and that Washington wants him.