Mock Draft of top eight picks in 2024 NFL draft: Who would the Chicago Bears draft?

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3. New England Patriots: Drake Maye, QB, North Carolina 

This is another pick that helps the Chicago Bears. There are reports that the New England Patriots are potentially looking to move off of this pick, but at the same time, there are reports that they will keep the pick and take the top quarterback available. 

There is a chance that if Jayden Daniels is here, the hype of winning the Heisman is what will entice New England to move off of the pick. However, most of the reports swing back to the idea that the Patriots remain high on Maye. If Maye falls to third overall, it is harder to see them trading, where you would almost assume that the team would trade down if Jayden Daniels is the pick here. 

In most cases, the top three picks are going to go great for Chicago. They will now pick sixth, and no non-quarterbacks have been taken. They are one pick away from getting one of the five best position players in the draft.