Mock Draft of top eight picks in 2024 NFL draft: Who would the Chicago Bears draft?

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5. Los Angeles Chargers trade to Minnesota Vikings for JJ McCarthy, QB, Michigan 

Jim Harbaugh is going to stare down J.J. McCarthy and pass. That will be fun to discuss on draft night. The Los Angeles Chargers obviously do not need a quarterback. More than any of the rosters in the top five, they need a trade-down. Maybe that is why Harbaugh has been so positive on McCarthy. 

Either way, we know that the NFL is high on McCarthy. We know that the New York Giants will be happy to take a quarterback if he falls to number six. We know that the Minnesota Vikings have already added extra draft capital this offseason, with the chance to trade up for a quarterback. 

The Vikings are also a great spot for a young quarterback to land. They have two tackles, Justin Jefferson, Jordan Addison, and TJ Hockenson. More than that, Kevin O’Connell has proven to be a solid head coach. 

This is a great fit. He can take his time behind Sam Darnold, but Darnold being the top dog for the Vikings, tells you that they will be ready to move on soon. 

Four of the top five picks being quarterbacks is another helpful trend for the Bears as well.