Mocking top 9 picks in 2023 NFL Draft: A big name QB falls to Chicago Bears

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Will Anderson, Chicago Bears
Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

5. Seattle Seahawks - Will Anderson, Edge, Alabama

Now that the big run on quarterbacks is gone, the question is what the Seahawks do. They could go with C.J. Stroud, but after signing Geno Smith that seems unlikely. With Tyree Wilson going second overall, the team can now debate between Will Anderson and Jalen Carter. This was something Bears fans were debating back in December, and now the Seahawks get to do it at pick five.

The reason for Will Anderson is that he is the clear cut safer pick. The Texans may like the ceiling of Wilson over Anderson, but Will Anderson is clearly the safest pick in this draft. He is a power player who plays intensely and hustles from whistle to whistle.

He is going to be a great run defender, and the only reasonable question is whether his upside is 10 sacks or higher, or if he can only create pass rush on stunts, twists, and the occasional win on power. Still, he is going to be a producer. Jalen Carter has more upside and could be the 10-sack-plus player. However, his floor is a huge question, and the Seahawks have seen a few recent picks falter with questions. If it was anyone else but Will Anderson, they may go with Jalen Carter, but this pick is too safe.