Mocking top 9 picks in 2023 NFL Draft: A big name QB falls to Chicago Bears

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Bijan Robinson, Chicago Bears
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8. Atlanta Falcons - Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas

We may have one big final surprise in this mock draft. However, it would not be shocking if the Atlanta Falcons were all-in on Bijan Robinson. When you look at how the Falcons have added pieces this offseason, they really set themselves up where they can go in plenty of directions.

With the top edge rushers and cornerbacks are gone, they can debate offensive line, Jalen Carter, or Bijan Robinson. They have multiple first-round picks on their offensive line, including both tackles, so it is hard to see them all in there. Jalen Carter could be the move, but we know his questions.

For the Falcons they could go with their highest-graded player, which is Robinson. When you think of the Falcons they are a run-first team. They also drafted Drake London and Kyle Pitts in the top ten, so they just need one more top-ten skill player to complete the trio. In drafting Pitts they showed that they will take an elite talent and do not care about positional value. The same can be applied to them drafting Bijan Robinson here.