3 most likely outcomes for Jaylon Johnson with the Chicago Bears 

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The Chicago Bears will have a decision to make on cornerback Jaylon Johnson. General Manager Ryan Poles said that Johnson is not going anywhere so that does settle one thing. However, it does open the door to a few possibilities. What are the most likely outcomes for Jaylon Johnson with the Chicago Bears?

3. The Chicago Bears will let Jaylon Johnson play on the franchise tag

The Chicago Bears are most likely going to franchise tag Jaylon Johnson. It is the most simple decision to make right now, especially when you consider the sides may stil be a bit apart. Johnson entered the year without a contract because he wanted to earn more money than the Bears were offering. 

Now, he played like one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. So, he went from expecting cornerback one money to expecting to be one of the highest paid cornerbacks in the NFL. The Chicago Bears may have went from thinking he was a low-end one or high-end two cornerback to now knowing that he is worth cornerback one money, but maybe not market changing money, due to him playing at this high of a level for just one season.

The sides did not have the same number in mind last year, or throughout the year, so there is a real chance they do not come to a conclusion. Still, the Bears can franchise tag him, which will be about $20M. It is not quite the money Johnson will want, but it is more than the Bears were prepared to pay this offseason.

If Johnson plays well on the tag and shows he can string it together, perhaps the Bears extend him after next season.