3 most likely outcomes for Jaylon Johnson with the Chicago Bears 

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2. The Chicago Bears will tag and trade Jaylon Johnson 

This is going to be less discussed, especially after the comments that Ryan Poles made. However, Poles also said that if a team came out of the blue with an offer for any pick or player that he would always consider it. The same can be said for Johnson. 

Lets say Johnson is on the tag for just this year. Do the Bears want to try to extend him, or are they going to be worried that they are paying him a ton without any long term commitment? More than that, the Bears saw growth from both their rookies Tyrique Stevenson and Terell Smith this year. 

The Bears may get an offer that they cannot refuse and a team may give up a real asset to extend Jaylon Johnson. If the Bears and Johnson cannot work out an extension then it would be a win-win for the Bears to get something back and for Johnson to get his deal elsewhere. 

The Chicago Bears will not lose Jaylon Johnson for nothing, but there is still that Johnson is on a different team in 2024. The tag and trade is the most likely option.