Most underrated Bears player proves how explosive their offense will be in 2024

They've come a long way since ... last year.
Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp
Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Have you been wondering to yourself, in your quiet moments, when it's just you and your thoughts, who the most underrated player on the Bears is? And have you been curious whether football analytics website Pro Football Focus feels the same? If you have, don't worry – it's very normal. Lots of people do it. To consider PFF is to consider life itself.

Fortunately for all of us dreamers, PFF has answers. As is tradition in mid-May, they released a very large comprehensive list of underrated players on each NFL team. It's the type of content that you love to read and hate to aggregate. But the game's the game. The Bears are, in fact, a team in the NFL, so they found themselves on this list. Congrats to the Bears!

Most underrated Bears player proves how explosive their offense will be in 2024

PFF's choice: Teven Jenkins, OL

Jenkins, who was moved inside from tackle following his rookie season, showed in 2023 that his solid performance at guard in 2022 was not a fluke season but a sign of things to come. While he missed time due to injury and needed to line up at both guard positions last season, Jenkins still finished the season as PFF’s 14th-highest-graded guard in 2023 (72.6).

Credit where it's due: it's not like PFF's wrong. Jenkins has been one of the better lineman on the team since he joined, although it's not like he's on the field that often. And since everyone else on the Bears offense is already a bonafide star (this is sort of a joke, but also very much not), Jenkins is as good a candidate as any.

It also just proves that the Bears have a legitimate NFL offense now. Teven Jenkins was considered, like, one of their best players a couple seasons ago. Now he's underrated! And under the radar! I hate to jinx things, but the Bears might have a competent offense this season? Thanks Keenan Allen! And thank you, PFF.