Most underrated offseason moves from Bears' NFC North rivals

Chicago Bears, Jared Goff
Chicago Bears, Jared Goff / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Kalen King may have gone in the seventh round, but Green Bay knows better

Believe it or not, the Packers ended the 2023 regular season with the league's no. 9 pass defense. For Packer fans clamoring about fixing the secondary and ensuring depth is taken care of, there, they sure seem far more panicked than they should have been.

Now, Green Bay went out and signed Xavier McKinney, one of the top safeties on the free agent market this offseason. But, that was more of a splash move. The real underrated move came all the way in the seventh round when Green Bay landed Penn State cornerback Kalen King.

Somehow, King fell this far. Many will argue that his 2023 campaign was the reason why. He was not nearly as good last season as he was in 2022. But, that's because he was playing opposite Joey Porter Jr. in 2022. You take out Porter from the equation, and King fell down to earth.

Look at the Packers, though. They have one of the top corners in football, in Jaire Alexander. There's not going to be the same amount of pressure on King, should he end up winning a starting job. That second starting job is up in the air, with Eric Stokes' injury concerns and the lack of depth behind. King was tremendous in 2022, coming up with a whopping 18 pass breakups and three interceptions.

He is going to make some noise in training camp this summer, and could wind up being a thorn in the Bears' side.