6 must-see matchups that will test Chicago Bears best players at New Orleans Saints

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Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers, DJ Moore
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2. The New Orleans Saints have a chance to slow down D.J. Moore

D.J. Moore has not had a game quite like that Thursday Night game with the Washington Comanders. To be fair, his quarterback sitaution has changed dramatically in recent weeks. So, he has had 51, 54, and 55 yards in the last three weeks. Now, he gets a big time matchup against Marshon Lattimore.

Lattimore remains one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. He does not follow receivers like he used to, so they will only see each other when he is on one side. Still, this year, Moore has lined up on the side that Lattimore defends 50% of the time, and when Moore lines up on the outside, he is on that side 59% of the time. We are going to see a lot of Moore against Lattimore.

This will not be the first time. Moore has played nine games against the Saints, coming from the NFC South. He averages 59 yards per game, and in his last three games, he has five catches for 41 yards combined. Still, in New Orleans, he averaged 64.5 yards per game. Will Moore continue to have decent 50-yard games due to the quarterback play, or can he take this matchup into his own hands?