NFL Combine Preview: 5 OL Chicago Bears must follow

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Chicago Bears, Tyler Steen
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2. Where will Tyler Steen play in the NFL?

Tyler Steen is a four-year starter in the SEC. Still, like the small school prospects mentioned in the last slide, he is going to be answering questions about what position he plays best.

Tyler Steen played right tackle for one season and left tackle for two years at Vanderbilt. He played so well at Vandy that Alabama saw him and brought him in as a transfer. The bump in the competition going to Alabama helped his draft stock immensely.

Still, his build looks more like a guard, and his play suggests the change may be for the best as well. At the Senior Bowl, he played all five positions, and honestly, he had good repetitions at all five. What do NFL teams see when they look at Steen? How will Steen test athletically, and will he answer questions about what position he feels best playing in the NFL? This is a big week for Tyler Steen.